Rules and Regulations

Competition Guidelines:

All Competitors, Instructors and Umpires must be familiar with the competition rules and guidelines for 2021 ITF Asia Taekwon-Do Virtual Tul Championship.

Competitors Dress Code

All competitors MUST compete in a standard ITF Taekwondo uniform / dobok (no other attires).

Guidelines for filming and procedural etiquette:  

Competitors MUST be : 

● Shoot with landscape format ; 
● Only Accept 720p quality ; 
● positioned front ; 
● Centre of the camera ; 
● capturing the entire performance and all competitors ; 
● not include any unrelated people ; 
● The camera cannot be move ; 
● no zoom ; 
● no widen angle ; 
● no music ; 
● do not edit the video. 

The video file MUST be saved as the competitor’s name, club, country, pattern ( eg: Derek Ma, Derek Fist, Hong Kong, Tong II ) 

All participants MUST commence facing the camera standing at attention and bow prior to commencement and upon completion. 

All Videos MUST be submitted before the deadline on 10 November 2021 . 

Competition Rules:  

ITF Patterns category (Update by 12/11/2021 : 3:40pm )

-- Color Belt Category -- 

( 12 years and below ) Boys 
1. 9th Grade - 7th Grade
2. 6th Grade - 4th Grade
3. 3rd Grade - 1st Grade

( 12 years and below ) Girls 
4. 9th Grade - 7th Grade 
5. 6th Grade - 4th Grade 
6. 3rd Grade - 1st Grade

( 18 years and below ) Male 
7. 9th Grade - 7th Grade 
8. 6th Grade - 4th Grade 
9. 3rd Grade - 1st Grade

( 18 years and below ) Female 
10. 9th Grade - 7th Grade 
11. 6th Grade - 4th Grade 
12. 3rd Grade - 1st Grade

( 34 years and below ) Male 
13. 9th Grade - 7th Grade 
14. 6th Grade - 4th Grade
15. 3rd Grade - 1st Grade

( 34 years and below ) Female 
16. 9th Grade - 7th Grade 
17. 6th Grade - 4th Grade
18. 3rd Grade - 1st Grade

( 35 years and above) Senior Male/Female
19. 9th Grade - 7th Grade 
20. 6th Grade - 4th Grade 
21. 3rd Grade - 1st Grade

-- Black Belt Category -- 

( 12 years and below) Boys
22. 1st Degree

( 12 years and below) Girls
23. 1st Degree

( 18 years and below) Male
24. 1st Degree
25. 2nd Degree

( 18 years and below) Female
26. 1st Degree
27. 2nd Degree

( 34 years and below ) Male
28. 1st Degree
29. 2nd Degree
30. 3rd Degree
31. 4th Degree

( 34 years and below ) Female
32. 1st Degree
33. 2nd Degree
34. 3rd Degree
35. 4th Degree

( 35 years and above) Senior Male
36. 1st Degree
37. 2nd Degree
38. 3rd Degree
39. 4th Degree

( 35 years and above) Senior Female
40. 1st Degree
41. 2nd Degree
42. 3rd Degree
43. 4th Degree 

** IMPORTANT NOTICE :Organizers reserve the right to combine/divide categories to ensure a contest.

Pattern perform

1. Colour Belts will perform ONE PATTERN appropriate to their kup. 

9th grade ( Yellow Strip belt ), Pattern perform Chon-Ji 
8th grade ( Yellow belt ), Pattern perform Dan-Gun 
7th grade ( Green Strip belt), Pattern perform Do-San 
6th grade ( Green belt), Pattern perform Won-Hyu 
5th grade ( Blue Strip belt), Pattern perform Yul-Gok 
4th grade ( Blue belt), Pattern perform Joong-Gun 
3rd grade ( Red Strip belt ), Pattern perform Toi-Gye 
2nd grade ( Red belt ), Pattern perform Hwa-Rang 
1st grade ( Black Strip belt ), Pattern perform Choong-Moo 

2. Black Belts will perform ONE PATTERN appropriate to their Dan 

1st Dan Degree, choose one pattern perform ( Gwang-Gae, Po-Eun, Ge-Baek ) 
2nd Dan Degree, choose one pattern perform ( Eui-Am, Choong-Jang, Ko-Dang ) 
3rd Dan Degree, choose one pattern perform ( Sam-Il, Yoo-Sin, Choi-Yong ) 
4th Dan Degree, choose one pattern perform ( Yong-Gae, UL-Ji, Moon-Moo ) 

3. Patterns will be scored out of 10 points based on factors including: 
Technical accuracy | Power | Speed, Balance | Expression of energy 

4. In the event of a tie, omitted scores will be included and an updated average obtained.

Judging Criteria

● Organizers reserve the right to combine/divide categories to ensure a contest. 
● All Individual categories will be judged by a panel of ITF Umpires. 
● Highest and Lowest score will be removed, and an average of remaining scores will be attained. Special emphasis in this division is placed on how the pattern is synchronized. 
● The judges will score the Individual between 0-10 points. 
● Technical Content - Kicking Techniques (Judged on proper execution of foot, position, height, focus, balance, power, etc .) 
● Technical Content - Hand Techniques (Judged on proper execution of hand, position, speed, power, focus, power, etc. ) 
● Technical Content : Balance, Rhythm, Diagram, Sine Wave, Execution Motions 
● Any protest will not be entertained by the Organizing/Umpire Committee for this Championship. 


● Normally each group will have 1st, 2nd and 3rd awardee, while 2nd and 3rd is not a must, which depends on the no. of people in each group.
● A medal with an e-certificate will be given to all winners.
● Medals will be posted to each Club’s instructor, while the e-certificate will be sent to the registered email address of each winner.


● All entries are to be submitted by the deadline, and late applications and submissions will not be entertained. 
● Anything not in the rules of the competition will be determined by the resolutions of the Organizing Committee and Umpire Committee of the Championship.
● Contestants are deemed to have agreed to use and utilize portraits of competition-related photographs and video footage. 

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